HUGE THANKS TO ALL Our Vendors and Volunteers!!

August 14, 2021
8am - 3pm


Not Just any

Who wants to see their Manager in our DUNK TANK?  How about a community Influencer?  Maybe you want to put a Friend in the tank?  Reach $ in Donations and Make that DREAM a reality!


Want to “arrest” your friend, manager, or kid for a few minutes and also support a good cause?  This Activity is for you!!  For a $$ Donation, one of our event “sherrifs” will find and arrest your suspect.

Your Jail & Bail victom will be taken to a reserved Police Cruiser to be locked away

Who is TOAST and why are you raising Funds?

TOAST stands for The Oklahoma Association of Science and Technology.  We are a 501(c)3 Organization made up Entirely of Volunteers.  No one gets paid here!  
We  offer STEM Classes, courses, and opportunities for all students interested.  We also support several Homeschool Robotics Teams.  

Our biggest Expense is the funding of our Location.  The second largest expense is our Robotics Program.  Last year we barely Fundraised enough to cover our Location Expenses and Robotics Program. Just in nick of time, we had a generous Donor send us a fantastic contribution that helped us meet our goals.  

We hope to be able to raise enough funds with This event, SUMMER SCIENCE SMACKDOWN, to cover most of our 2021/2022 expenses so that our volunteers and students can focus on what they do best, STEM!!  We would also like to purchase more updated computers to build out a computer lab for our students.

THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts, SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT


PS... It's going to be WARM outside... don't get too TOASTy.

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